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PPS, on its 40th Year, proudly presents ADAI (“Anak ng Daigdig”), a semi-musical stage play that focuses on the balance of Nature and care for the Environment. The cast will feature the talented students of the PPS Dramatic Guild, under the Direction of Mr. Joel “Elo” Rebollido.

February 20, 2016, Saturday, 5:00pm at Tanghalang Pasigueño

Tickets are now available at P300.00 each.
Please call 641-2522, 938-2517 or 0939-5266609


Welcome to PPS!

The school is said to be the second home of a child, that is why Prince N’ Prince School treats every child, everyone, like a family member. The PPS family welcomes everybody to an environment where love care and concern is nurtured to everyone just like a typical family in a “home”.

The school aims not only the academic development of a child, but also his totality as a person. Moral and spiritual values and love for family are being given emphasis. That is why we called Prince N’ Princess School as a “God and Family Centered Institution”.

Prince N’ Princess School is dedicated to give the best total education to its students. Now on its 40th year of operation, Prince N’ Princess School continues to help build the foundation of young minds that will become future builders of our nation.


Message From the Director

Education according to Webster’s New World Dictionary “… is the process of training and developing the knowledge, skill, mind, character, etc.” Man is God’s most magnificent creation.

Endowed with God’s gift, man has invented education. It changes man and changes with man. It leads man to a self-realization, to a discovery that he is capable of great powers if he only knew how to utilize his great powers if he only knew how to utilize his God-Given talents. Life is no longer hard as it used to be before, when man’s resources were so limited.

Gathering information is limited before. In the World of modern media, man could easily seek information in the comfort of his house. Through computer technology, the world became very small. Information Technology is very vital in our day-to-day activities.

Prince N’ Princess School is now ready to serve you through this website. You’ll be given information you need. For any inquiry, please visit the Contact Us page.

It is a pleasure to be of service to you.

May the Holy Family of Nazareth bless us all!

Yours in Christ, Mr. Rolando V. Caliñgo Director

Mrs. Eriberta R. Caliñgo Vice-Directress

Fr. Dexter Carr, presided the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist assisted by Br. Julius de Garcia, seminarian. The Altar Servers of PPS assisted also for the Solemn Mass. Grades 4 & 5 the host for this celebration. The new members of the choir led by Sir. Rod Quiogue, Sir. Marben and Ms Antonette. The Holy Mass is also intended for the Solemnity of Immaculate Conception on Dec. 8.

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HOLY DAYS OF OBLIGATION IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. On holy days of obligation, Catholics are obliged to participate in Mass. Every Sunday is a holy day of obligation, there are 3 other days throughout the year, these holy days of obligation are: January 1: The Feast of Mary, the Mother of God December 8: The Feast of the Immaculate Conception December 25: Christmas, the Nativity of Our Lord.

PPS, lighted the first Advent Candle on the Advent Wreath. Symbolism to each of the candles: (1) The Prophet's Candle, symbolizing Hope; (2) The Bethlehem Candle, symbolizing Faith; (3) The Shepherd's Candle, symbolizing Joy; (4) The Angel's Candle, symbolizing Peace. The assigned students and teachers takes turn in reciting the prayer intentions after the blessing of the wreath and explanation.

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